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Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart

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You, who has changed my normal life, are my dancing queen 

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Anonymous asked:
i thought liked kyumin and qmi more?

WHO ????

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@ryeong9: キュヒョンとふたりで、ひつまぶしたべにきました。ちなみに、イェソン兄さんはさきにかえって やすんでます。장어덮밥 먹으러 왔어요~^^ 예성이형은 호텔에 가구 규랑 둘이 나와서 먹고있숑 

@ryeong9: Came to eat broiled eel with rice~^^ Yesungie hyung went to hotel so Kyu and I went out and eat together (cr)

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